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Cold Sculpting Promotion

1 Ave. Holiday #120, Pte-Claire

This offer is available exclusively on this site. Your receipt and certificate will be sent by email. Cold Sculpting is a unique kind of fat-freezing fat-reduction treatment that has become a very popular non-surgical alternative to liposuction. By using controlled cooling, Cold Sculpting causes the fat cells in the treated area to die over time. It’s important to point out that Cold Sculpting is not an alternative to weight loss. If you need to lose a significant amount of weight then you’ll need to diet and exercise first. Cold Sculpting is a ‘spot fat loss’ treatment, meaning it’s designed to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be removed through diet and exercise alone. Most areas require only 1 treatment and results are seen over 6-8 weeks time !! Non-surgical treatment – Cold Sculpting is non-invasive procedure, which means you avoid all the downsides of surgery, such as scars, downtime and recovery. It’s also much less of a commitment and can be done on your lunch break if you choose. Natural looking results – The results you get from Cold Sculpting are very natural since the fat is broken down by your body over time and there are no scars left behind. The lack of scarring is a huge benefit for many patients, who don’t want another thing that makes them self-conscious about their appearance. Cold Sculpting doesn’t require any incisions to be made on the treated areas. Safe and Effective The fact that Cold Sculpting doesn’t require any incisions means it’s a very safe form of treatment too. Not only is it safe but it’s also extremely effective and has been approved by the FDA as a fat-reduction treatment.
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